Tuesday, 12 October 2010

.....WhAt sTreSS?!!!!....oH nO.....

Now i like to share with all of you fact about stress.What is stress? It is the pressure from outside that can make you feel tense inside. We cannot avoid stress in fact of life. No matter either rich person, acknowledge person , poor person, student or what ever it is stress will affects them.

 Certain kinds are actually helpful.They can keep you on your toes. But too much stress in your mind and body can make you miserable and ill.

How you handle and tackle stress that can give an effect to your health and happiness.If you allow it to build up or fail to manage your it carefully , stress can sometimes produce such heavy wave of tension that serious enough to interfere with your normal daily activities.

Today, stress and its symptoms are common problem. There are many people come and see doctors for physical complaints have stress linked problems ( mental and emosional troubles). Almost all of these mood disorders can be helped. Knowing about stress is the first big step. One of the main causes of stress is change, especially sudden or disagreeable change. There are many or too drastic cahnges often result in harmful tension.
1) Personal loss
    Death of a loved one, loss of friends
    when moving, separation or divorce-
    all of this can cause depression.

2) Illness or Injury
    A major illness or accident injury put great
    stress on both patient and family.

3) Changes in lifestyle
    Sudden financial gain or a big promotion is a
    happy event but can create anxiety.

4) Job Changes
    Trouble at work, getting fired or taking on a new job may result in anxiety and stress.

5) Money Problem
    Budget trouble, large debts, loss of income, etc can create stress for the entire family

6) Family Changes
    Changes at home by pregnancy, family responsibilities, etc can cause mood disorders

7) Retirement.
    Enforced leisure and produced income may cause trouble.

Too much tension can result in anxiety and depression.Anxiety is that worried, uptight feeling that something bad will happen even if there is no real treat. It can affect our mental health. These are the most common signs of anxiety: nervousness,  trembling, dizziness, pounding heart, inability to slow down or relax, abnormal eating habits and troubled breathing.

Everyone has a certain amount of anxiety to degree it is a natural, helpful response to stressful or threatening situations. However, prolonged anxiety can lead to serious problems such as ulcers, high blood pressure as well as an inability to enjoy life and the world. You can do a lot to keep tension within reasonable limits before it leads to trouble.

You can see your doctor. A check-up is always important especially if you're busy. Your doctor can usually discover the cause of frequent 'aches and pains'. Talk it over. When tension build up, discuss the problem with a close friend or with the people involved. Take  a break. a change of pace, no matter how short, gives you a new outlook on old problems. Learn to relax by having a few minutes of peace and quite a day. exercise regularly to help you let off steam and work out stress. Plan your work to use time and energy
more efficiently. Tension and anxiety really build up when your work seems endless.

Finally, be realistic. People who expect too much of themselves can get tense if things do not work out. Set practical goals and expect to be successful.


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